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Do you want to let go of religious guilt and shame, so that you can finally be unapologetically you and strengthen your spiritual connection?

You are so tired of:

Not clearly saying what you want and not setting healthy boundaries, because everyone else comes first, so you end up feeling frustrated (what about your brilliant goals and infinite potential?)

Feeling guilty and shame for insignificant reasons, but it is inevitable because you have such a high standard of perfection for your own behaviour. There is no room for mistakes

Letting the outcome to every new goal determine your sense of worth.
If things go your own way, you’ll be happy for a minute, but then a new challenge will come and you’ll be lost in pursuing it.

If things go wrong, you’ll be hard and unforgiving towards yourself and feel worthless.

Happy Girl

Deep inside you are roaring like a tigress and it feels like a drag to have to shrink down in order to fit in.


But there’s always something that holds you back from saying and being who you TRULY want to be, and you have a feeling it has to do with your childhood conditioning.


You were most likely raised in a loving home, BUT you were also taught to hide yourself and your true desires because that didn’t fit the traditional (or biblical) definition of what a woman is or should be. 

Let me guess!

 Young Woman Contemplating
Sad on Couch
Image by Julia Taubitz

Not clearly saying what you want and not setting healthy boundaries, because everyone else comes first, so you end up feeling frustrated (what about your brilliant goals and infinite potential?)

Feeling guilty and ashamed for insignificant reasons, but it is inevitable because you have such a high standard of perfection for your own behaviour. There is no room for mistakes.

You are so tired of:

Kimberly Graham

"How freeing to walk into my week feeling like I can conquer the world AND having the strategies of what to do when those thoughts creep in again. "

Robyn MacMillan

“Often I felt like I could always do more and be more perfect. I realised by working with Valentina that this actually stopped me from moving forward as I was so rooted in fear of not being good enough. It was amazing experience to finally let this go!”

Cornelia Schmidt

"I just came out of a first session in Tapping with Valentina and wow. I am flying, she literally put wings on my head. Everything feels possible now."
Smiling Businesswoman
Middle Age Woman

Try out new ways of doing, express yourself fully, choose your own path, without the constant feeling of being afraid of making a mistake and being judged for that

Feel a sense of wholeness, peace and love towards yourself no matter what

Have more trust in yourself and the Universe

Love on the Bridge

Enjoy all the aspects of your life (including sexuality and money) without feeling that there is something not pure about them

Family Picnic

Feel stronger connection to your loved ones, but currently you are depending on them for your approval, so you cannot fully be vulnerable with them

You have a strong desire to drop all the madness of self-loathing and look at yourself with dreamy eyes and kiss your beautiful image all over in the mirror!

You want to:

And of course you want to!

You're awesome!

Giving Holy Communion

But there is this HUGE block to

falling in love with yourself!

The religious imprinting with all the guilt and shame that comes with it.


Thousands of personal development books and seminars telling you to love yourself, be yourself and fully shine your light won’t be worth a penny if you still harbour religious guilt & shame.

Why can you truly not be yourself until you release old conditioning?

You were born free, happy, glowing, loving being yourself and loving every cell of your body, but as soon as you entered the Church, a deep imprint started to happen in a totally different direction.

You have been raised to believe that:

You were born a sinner, which basically means: “no, you SHOULD NOT be yourself, EVER, because there is something absolutely wrong with you”

God is judgemental and will punish you when you do not act according to His Will; of course you are walking on eggshells all the time now, because you’re afraid of being judged for every little “mistake”

The right attitude towards God is that of fear…but how can you trust God when you are afraid of him? This made you walk in an unstable ground, instead of fully relaxing in God’s loving arms.

Inside of Confession Booth
Bible Lessons


Those teachings robbed all the joy out of you.
You started to shrink, feeling that there is something wrong with you and that it is not safe to live in this world.


After all, if not even your creator loves you unconditionally, whom can you trust?


Now we both agree that those teachings were b*****t, but that imprinting goes so deep that until you shift it, it will

influence your feelings, your thoughts, your actions and your results in life.

Image by Sandra Martins

That you were born perfect?

Perfect Harmony

That God loves you no matter what?


That God always cheers for you and you can trust Him fully?

What you need in order to love yourself and show up unapologetically 


What if instead of believing those lies that make you feel scared, unsafe and guilty, you believed in the opposite?

(substitute God with spirit, the Universe, Highest Self…whatever you prefer)


How would you feel?


Would you judge yourself or would you look at yourself with loving eyes?

Would you doubt yourself all the time or would you feel supported by an infinite love and strength?

Would you shrink down or would you own your desires and who you TRULY are?

Bundle of balloons

If you want to get to those new beliefs, first there is a DEEP unlearning to do: letting go of all the lies you were taught during your childhood.



You first need to let go of all the misconceptions about God and yourself.


I will help you move into a space of confidence, wholeness and peace from which you can be unapologetically yourself!

With the W.H.O.L.E. program, you’ll let go of the idea of a judgemental God and embrace a God/Universe/divine energy that has an infinite reservoir of love for you.

Introducing W.H.O.L.E.

Your path to be unapologetically you

and strengthen your spiritual connection

This program is a transformational 12-week journey that will help you let go of religious guilt and shame, so that you can strengthen your spiritual connection and fully shine your light.


My methodology is a combination of Matrix Reimprinting ( a technique based on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT also called tapping), but that goes much deeper), journaling and transformational action taking.

Matrix Reimprinting

10 sessions


Release deep subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs much faster than traditional methods



  • Gently stimulating acupressure points, revisit old memories and create new empowering ones




- Crystallise how your beliefs shaped your reality

- Develop and integrate new beliefs



  • Use journaling prompts provided by Valentina

Smiling woman

Transformational action taking


To consolidate your new beliefs and identity



  • If further action is needed, I’ll show you exactly what to do to release any blocks that are stopping you for GOOD

Image by Brooke Lark

What makes this different?

This is not your traditional coaching program, where you just talk about things, without actually getting to the CORE issues that need to be released before you can truly shift.


All the difficult emotions that keep you from being your highest self (fear, stress, guilt, shame) are in your body and the best way to let them go is to meet them where they are.


With Emotional Freedom Technique, we will tune into your body and its wisdom to release those difficult emotions.


We get to the root cause of all your struggles.


Things like: not feeling worthy of what you want, people-pleasing, over-apologizing, feeling guilty, and judging yourself all come from deep religious imprinting.

Churches have good intentions, but sometimes create lots of unnecessary suffering.

With this program, you’ll let go of the idea of a judgemental God and embrace a God/Universe/divine energy that has an infinite reservoir of love for you.


Can you imagine the freedom that comes from knowing that you have nothing to lose, because the divine loves you no matter what?


Magnifying Glass

Week 1
Exploratory session

In this 45 minutes call, we will talk about your religious imprinting and your desires for this journey together

Stretching with Elastic Bands

Week 2
Letting go of resistance to change

Let’s dig into the details.

This is how it all works.

In this 90 minutes session, we will work on your strongest obstacle to change, so that you can be ready to embrace change.


Week 3-11

In these 9 90-minutes sessions, we will work on your specific religious memories and what caused the guilt and shame.

By letting go of the guilt & shame, you will strengthen your spiritual connection and awaken to a new-found freedom that allows you to own your true desires, stop apologising for everything, and FINALLY live guilt free.

Image by Ian Stauffer

Week 12
Wrap up

In this 45 minutes call, we will reflect on your progress and we will discuss about best practices to maintain the progress, even after finishing working with me.

The 5 pillars of the WHOLE programs are:


  • Welcome change (approaching change sets off an alarm in our brain, since we are used to familiarity and reject novelty. We will work on letting go to the resistance to change, so that the whole process will feel more secure)

  • Honour yourself (when you were a kid, you could not help but believe in what you have been taught by your parents and society, but now you have a choice. Honour yourself, and honour what you feel it’s true for you) 

  • Own your desires (you most probably have been raised to believe that you can only go for what you want if it’s God-approved. Here’s the truth:  you are connected to God and what you want (if it feels aligned to you) is approved by the Universe. Own this fully and go for it)

  • Let go (let go of what does not serve you right now, which may include a lot of the religious teachings you have believed in)

  • Embrace believing (Your assumptions determine your results in life, so why not believe in something that empowers you and propels you forward? A God that loves you unconditionally? That you are enough?)

Let’s wrap it all up.

By the end of this program, you’ll:

  • Let go of religious guilt & shame, so you can finally allow yourself to own your desires

  • Strengthen your spiritual connection and feel loved no matter what (no more people-pleasing, because you feel so worthy in any case)

  • Feel lighter, because you won’t feel threatened by a judgemental God anymore

  • Set better boundaries, unapologetically say what you want and go get it

  • Have more faith in yourself and in God/the Universe/Spirit

Meet Valentina
PhD, Creator of the W.H.O.L.E. program


I’m an Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) practitioner for women who want to show up unapologetically as themselves.


For many years, I read self-development books and courses, invested in certifications, seminars, hoping that this will help me feel better about myself and freer.


They helped to a certain degree, but there was still a HUGE block that kept me from relaxing, enjoying the moment more and trusting that all is well.


By releasing religious guilt & shame, I was able to strengthen my connection to God.
This gave me the freedom to be more of myself and feel good in the moment (without having to be active all the time and burn out because I have to prove something to someone).


I now can easily make mistakes,  forgive myself and move on, instead of criticising myself and spending an incredible amount of time and energy self-loathing.


Now it is my joy to help you let go of the religious guilt & shame, so that you can be unapologetically yourself and strengthen your spiritual connection.



Thanks to working with Valentina, I have felt more relieved, peaceful, positive and less “nazist” with myself.


This journey with Valentina has helped me to make peace with some guilt, related to my mom’s sudden death. It helped me to be kinder to myself when facing a challenge and to recover energies and willpower by being kind to myself.


I have loved being able to connect with my emotions (which I was afraid to do, because I had thought it would lead me to chaos).

Barbara Molotese

After the session with Valentina, I feel much lighter and I am more confident in showing up and being visible.
I am having also positive results in my economy and work.


When it came to my business, I completely froze, procrastinated and as a result didn't move forward.

One session with Valentina cleared this up and move me to a place where I could easily speak about my business and my offers. The next day I started showing up on my social media in a way that felt aligned with my values and was fun and easy for me.


I had not expected that one session with Valentina could have such far-reaching results. In the last three weeks, I have slept better, meditated much better, and felt more self-confident.


I have also noticed that I was using the same (high) standards with which I judged myself also to judge my son. The session with Valentina has helped me to become kinder towards myself, and as a consequence towards my son too. I am now less judgmental and let him make his own choices. 

Not sure whether this is the right investment for you?

I get it. Change is scary.

Letting go of what you have believed for years, what your parents and grandparents have believed too, can feel soooo scary. It’s almost like letting a part of you die.
It’s terrifying and you have the right to feel scared!


If you are still reading here, something tells me that you are committed to the results: stop apologising, be more loving towards yourself and feel a sense of wholeness.

And let me tell you! You deserve that! 🙂


Your renewed feelings towards yourself and new actions are only 12 weeks away.

Book a call with me now.

Have a question?

  • Is this right for me?
    This is right for you, if you resonate with any of the following: You are jealous of women who are being more spontaneous and seem to enjoy their lives more You pursue goals with the hope the next achievement will make you happier, but when you get there, the happiness and satisfaction is fleeting and you go on pursuing the next big goals You are often hard on yourself with the hope that this will help you achieve more You are to some degree disconnected to yourself (ex. you disregard some of your physical needs, do not soothe yourself when you are going through difficult emotions) I am not a licenced therapist and do not work with women with the following diagnosis: Anxiety Phobia Depression PTSD Dissociation
  • What kind of results can I expect?
    This program is going to be transformational. First of all, you'll learn why you have been hard on yourself so far, by learning more about psychology (you'll see that there is nothing wrong with you and you'll be able to feel so much relief). You'll "heal" some emotional wounds from the past, so that you'll feel lighter and ready to start a new chapter of your life. You'll learn how to deal with "negative" emotions, when they come up. This will serve you for years to come.
  • Is this the last emotional well-being program that I need to buy?
    My clients have experienced deep transformations even after only one session (like improving the quality of their sleep/meditation, reconnecting with their own power, by healing past memories, feeling that they can conquer the world). Working with me for one session or more can ABSOLUTELY be transformational for you, too. I am going to teach you how to deal with "negative" emotions when they come up, BUT if you should feel any intense negative emotions in the future (like i.e. after someone passed away, a divorce or an intense argument with your spouse), you might want to get the help of an expert to address those emotions properly, so that they do not build up in you. You investing in your emotional well-being is an act of love towards yourself and an act of strength.
  • How is this different from other programs?
    In many coaching programs, you just talk about things. With Emotional Freedom Techniques, we are going to tap into the body wisdom and release the "negative emotions" from your body at a cellular level. Meeting the emotions where they are (the body) is going to be transformational. You’ll learn to connect more to your emotions and to be more in your body (instead of being mainly in your head).
  • Do you offer Refunds or Guarantees?
    When deciding to work with me you are making a commitment. Letting go of the past "wounds" will trigger many resistances and you might be tempted to finish this journey prematurely. Since I am committed to your transformation and want to honour your commitment, I won’t let you fall off the wagon and I will keep supporting you and working with you until the end of this beautiful journey. Therefore I do not offer refunds or guarantees.

Ready to be unapologetically you?

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