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Working from Home

Personal Data Policy

a) Valentina Fermanelli collects personal information. The Client provides: name, date of birth, email, phone number, address, by email, or by signing booking an online session or signing a contract.

Access to this personal information will be available to Valentina’s accountant, accounting system, the Swedish tax authorities and Valentina’s team, but will not be disclosed to any other third party without the Client’s prior permission, as required by law.


b) Any personal information collected by Valentina in the sessions will be treated as confidential.

- The workbooks (if included in the contract) will be uploaded in a shared Google Drive folder and the Client will access them there and fill them in there (so that Valentina can have access to it as a way to prepare the session). The client is responsible to download the folder upon finishing the work with Valentina. The folder will then be deleted.
Valentina will keep the notes (upon removing the name, so that she might use part of them for marketing purposes).


  • During the sessions Valentina will take notes about the client’s experience, so that she can remember more during the session and/or prepare for the following sessions (if any). She keeps these notes on her laptop and she never mentions the client’s name in it. Valentina will keep these anonymised notes, even when the program will end, so that she can use part of it for her marketing.


c) The Client has a right of access to their personal information and to request the deletion of all their data Valentina Fermanelli holds about them. The Client can enquire about it at any time by emailing at: .

If the client feels that the privacy has not been respected, she can ask for support to (Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection) or the competent institution.

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