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Are you an ambitious woman and you want to achieve your goals... that you can feel more fullfilled and satisfied with your life?

In that case, keep reading!

I am Valentina Fermanelli, PhD and I am here to help you create a life you love.

Your desire to feel happier and more satisfied with your life is valid.

Can you relate to this?

Since I was a teenager, my highest goal had been achievement.
I finished high school with full grade, had great grades in University, got a double degree with a German University, won scholarships as a PhD student, got a PhD in Applied Mathematics, run 2 half marathons and 1 marathon.

Everytime the thought on the back of my mind was:
"When I achieve this, I will be happy/ I will be able to relax".
But the truth was that the joy of achievement was short-lived.

A new goal would show up and I would pursue it and be in apnea (breathless) again, waiting for the moment of achievement to feel fullfilled.


I read so many self-help books and bought countless online courses hoping that they would help me achieve more and yes, some strategies helped, but they did not bring me the happiness I truly craved.

Encountering Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, also called tapping) was a turning point in my life. During the sessions with an EFT practitioner, I felt that, despite my short-comings, my "failures", my weaknesses, I am still a lovable and worthy human being and this felt like such a relief, as if I was coming home to myself.

While in the past, I felt that the "shameful" parts of me should be hidden, therefore I refused them (and in so doing, I refused myself and fought myself), tapping helped me to feel whole and that all my feelings, all my experiences and all my desires are valid.

Tapping helped me to heal past memories that I could not heal before i.e. with a therapist and to feel happier and more fullfilled.

I am more in contact with my emotions and can appreciate the small things in life more (instead of waiting for big achievements to make me happy).

This is so far the highest happiness for me: to be able to embrace myself and accept myself as I am, to give space to myself to be the way I am, without censoring myself. 

Shopping Spree

Are you tired of postponing happiness until you finally achieve a goal (and when you get there new goals show up), without feeling excitement, satisfaction or fullfillment while working for it?

Do you want instead to find happiness and relaxation in the now, by reconnecting with whom you really are?

Confident Look


Public Speaker

Improve your relationships

Writing a Diary

More energy

Working with me will help you release big weights that you are carrying on the chest and reconnect with yourself.


Our memories from the past (i.e. our parents' love was conditional on our achievements, memories of past "failures", feeling powerless as a kid)  shape our image of ourselves and as a consequence, it determines the way we behave today and the results we get in our future.

Healing past memories is the way to break unwanted patterns and to start anew.

By working with me, you'll heal hurt parts of yourself and reconnect with yourself more deeply, letting go of memories that were subconsciously weighting down on you, so you'll feel lighter as a result of working with me.

These are some common positive consequences of working with me and healing past memories.

Healing past hurts means releasing heavy weights that you are now carrying around.

You'll feel lighter, more present and you'll realise more deeply how amazing you are.

When you let go of what is weighing you down and you are less stuck in your mind, you have capacity to be more present in your relationships.
The love that you'll pour into the relationship will be felt by your partner/kids/friends and this will automatically improve your relationships.

The memories of the past hurts can weight you down and make you feel powerless.
Releasing them will make you feel lighter and give you your energy back.

Working with me

Heal the past, be open to a new future.

Imagine what your life could look like some months from now.

You are still setting goals, but it is not a matter of life and death if you achieve them or not. You feel worthy in any case.

You appreciate the goal-achievement journey and honor your daily effort.

When something does not go your way, instead of criticing yourself and feeling like a failure, you give yourself even more love and compassion. You are never tempted to give up on your project.

You love being your own cheerleader (instead of your own worst enemy) and life seems so much more effortless when you are on your side (instead of against yourself).

You simply have more energy, find yourself smiling much more often and being more grateful.

Letting go of "past hurts"


Healing past hurts makes you feel lighter and more loving to yourself


How will we do this?

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping) sessions


Know yourself


Understand your brain, to fully know that there is nothing wrong with you


How will we do this?

  • workbooks, with knowledge about psychology and opportunity for you to reflect


Be ready for change


As you'll learn more, our brain is resistant to change. Through this session, you'll requilibrate your chakras and welcome change.

How will we do this?

  • Reiki

Mind Relaxation

Meet Dr. Valentina, 


My name is Valentina Fermanelli!


After being on the treadmill of achievement for years, hoping that this would bring me more happiness, meeting tapping (EFT) felt like coming home to myself.

Releasing past memories did not only make me feel lighter, but also more compassionate towards myself and others.

Now I am on a mission to help ambitious women let go of the weights from the past that they are carrying around, so that they can find happiness and fullfillment now (in their relationships with themselves).


What is it like to work with me?


Robyn MacMillan

Marketing expert


Lauretta Zucchetti

Sales coach

“Often I felt like I could always do more and be more perfect. I realised by working with Valentina that this actually stopped me from moving forward as I was so rooted in fear of not being good enough. It was amazing experience to finally let this go!”

"Valentina helped me recognize where my energetic blocks were and taught me how to release them through tapping and visualization. I felt much lighter and rejuvenated after the session "


Cornelia Schmidt,


"I just came out of a first session in Tapping with Valentina and wow. I am flying, she literally put wings on my head. Everything feels possible now."


Kimberly Graham

Personal Financial Coach

"How freeing to walk into my week feeling like I can conquer the world AND having the strategies of what to do when those thoughts creep in again. "

"Thanks for helping me address the big elephant in the room. I feel so much lighter now."

"In the 21 days after the session with Valentina, I meditated better, slept better and I feel more confident."

"I did not get the promotion, but I am still happy because I realised that my worth does not depend on that."

"The session with Valentina was soul-healing. Valentina guides you in a very safe way to discover what's blocking you."

What is the investment level?

The price varies depending on the amount of sessions.

A huge transformation can happen already with one session: such as an insight, crying, a breakthrough, a new awareness, feeling that you have healed a specific memory.


This can help you to feel more empowered, lighter and i.e. meditate better, be more loving to your kids, sleep better.

In order to get even better, deeper and more long-lasting results, it is best to work for 3 or 5 sessions.

One-off session

1750 kr (170 $)

What's included?
- workbook to understand about your brain

- one Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) session to heal a past memory (based on your desires)

3 sessions

4500 sek (439 $)

What's included?
- workbook to understand about your brain
- A Reiki session (to speed up the process of change, by letting go of the resistances)

- two Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) sessions to heal past memories (based on your desires)

- Voxer support between the sessions

5 sessions

6250 kr (609 $)

What's included?
- workbook to understand about your brain
- A Reiki session (to speed up the process of change, by letting go of the resistances)

- four Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) sessions to heal past memories (based on your desires)

- Voxer support between the sessions

Are you ready to heal your emotional wounds, so you can feel lighter?

Let's talk about your desires and how I can help you

let go of what is weighting you down now, so that you can find happiness in a renewed relationship with yourself now.

Book a call and we’ll talk about what the program can look like for you.

The 12% discount is ending soon!

  • Is this right for me?
    This is right for you, if you resonate with any of the following: You are jealous of women who are being more spontaneous and seem to enjoy their lives more You pursue goals with the hope the next achievement will make you happier, but when you get there, the happiness and satisfaction is fleeting and you go on pursuing the next big goals You are often hard on yourself with the hope that this will help you achieve more You are to some degree disconnected to yourself (ex. you disregard some of your physical needs, do not soothe yourself when you are going through difficult emotions) I am not a licenced therapist and do not work with women with the following diagnosis: Anxiety Phobia Depression PTSD Dissociation
  • What kind of results can I expect?
    This program is going to be transformational. First of all, you'll learn why you have been hard on yourself so far, by learning more about psychology (you'll see that there is nothing wrong with you and you'll be able to feel so much relief). You'll "heal" some emotional wounds from the past, so that you'll feel lighter and ready to start a new chapter of your life. You'll learn how to deal with "negative" emotions, when they come up. This will serve you for years to come.
  • Is this the last emotional well-being program that I need to buy?
    My clients have experienced deep transformations even after only one session (like improving the quality of their sleep/meditation, reconnecting with their own power, by healing past memories, feeling that they can conquer the world). Working with me for one session or more can ABSOLUTELY be transformational for you, too. I am going to teach you how to deal with "negative" emotions when they come up, BUT if you should feel any intense negative emotions in the future (like i.e. after someone passed away, a divorce or an intense argument with your spouse), you might want to get the help of an expert to address those emotions properly, so that they do not build up in you. You investing in your emotional well-being is an act of love towards yourself and an act of strength.
  • How is this different from other programs?
    In many coaching programs, you just talk about things. With Emotional Freedom Techniques, we are going to tap into the body wisdom and release the "negative emotions" from your body at a cellular level. Meeting the emotions where they are (the body) is going to be transformational. You’ll learn to connect more to your emotions and to be more in your body (instead of being mainly in your head).
  • Do you offer Refunds or Guarantees?
    When deciding to work with me you are making a commitment. Letting go of the past "wounds" will trigger many resistances and you might be tempted to finish this journey prematurely. Since I am committed to your transformation and want to honour your commitment, I won’t let you fall off the wagon and I will keep supporting you and working with you until the end of this beautiful journey. Therefore I do not offer refunds or guarantees.
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