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I feel lighter, as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I feel relaxed, but at the same time energized.

After one session of tapping with me

Has Corona created some discomfort and more negative emotions in your life? You're not alone! 

And I am here to help!

It's time to tackle those negative emotions!

Image by Luca Upper

You're in for a treat.

Schedule an interview with me (30 minutes) and you'll get a free tapping session with me (1h long).

What is tapping?

Tapping is emotional spring cleaning.

Do you want an emotional wardrobe full of heavy, thick, dull coats and jumpers?

Or would you rather have bright, light and beautiful clothes?

To a certain extent, you can choose your emotional wardrobe.

Image by Marcus Loke
Image by Fuu J

Negative emotions and thoughts hold us back, while positive emotions and thoughts sustain our vitality and help us thrive!

Tapping help us tackle those negative emotions so that we can let them go.

That's beautiful, Valentina.

But how does this work? I hear you!

In tapping, we tap on some acupuncture points and by doing so we calm our body down. In the Western society, we are used to avoid confronting a negative emotion, but in many cases, if this emotion is not taken care of, it will grow bigger. In tapping, we address the negative emotion and talk about it. Relaxing our body through tapping makes us more resourceful, so we can start to shift our perspective about the situation and let the negative emotion go.

Image by Ravi Pinisetti
Image by Paul Green

So let's schedule an interview!

I want to get to know you more, ask you about your challenges regarding well-being and about your life in general.

And after the interview we schedule the tapping session to start creating a beautiful inner wardrobe for yourself!

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