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Do you want to feel happier and more satisfied with your life?

Then wander no more. You are in the right place!

Imagine what it would be like to:

Image by Antoine Petitteville

Move boldly in the direction of your dreams

In Love

Live deeply fullfilling relationship, that feel like heaven

Happy Woman

Standing by your side, through thick and thin

This is you after finishing the Buddha lab!

Have you felt like this before: you want to be happier, but there is something holding you back?

Sometimes you are on fire doing what could make you truly happier, but more often than you would want you are pushing the brake, together with the accelerator. 

Maybe for you this could look like this: you are not scheduling the work-outs, you are giving too much weight to what others say or you get hooked on the phone, disregarding what truly matters to you.

Do you find yourself in any of the following?

Image by Dev Asangbam

You are kind of satisfied with your life, but deep inside of you, you know that if you do not change anything in your behaviour, your deepest desires won't simply come true

Image by Alex Iby

You are scared to look at the areas of your life that do not work because of that inner critic that makes you feel like a failure any time you have an honest look at your life

Image by Nathan Dumlao

This year has been tough, you couldn't take vacations and meet your loved ones as much and this had an impact on your well-being, worsening some of your negative thought patterns.

I felt like that, too!

Few years ago I was not doing well. I was too much focused on body weight and always concerned about how I was perceived by others.

From the bars of my inner cage, I could notice others being more spontaneous and free and I was jealous. I would minimize my successes and could not be genuinely happy for someone else's victories, since I was too much focused on disliking myself.


I discovered the magic of Laughter Yoga in 2016 and in 2019 I had the blessed encounter with tapping. These techniques gave me the freedom to be myself, to feel at ease in my body and to cultivate true happiness.

After many self-help books and research about happiness, I developed a unique journey for you to be your happiest self.

Image by Adrian Swancar

Things got better when I came to Sweden in 2015 for my PhD studies. A new work environment with nice and supportive colleagues and a good salary. Things started to shift...

...but the core underlying general dissatisfaction was still there.

It took two Swedish winters to make me take actions to confront these feelings.

Image by Fuu J

What makes us happy, according to science?

Rock Balancing

Engaging with the present moment

In Love

Having deep and nourishing relationships

Image by ian dooley

Doing meaningful work

This might sound quite basic, so why are we not doing it?


If we do not feel safe in the world or we are afraid of others, we won't allow ourselves to relax and savor the present moment.

Image by Cristian Newman

If we are too afraid of rejection because we believe that we cannot handle it, we won't dare to be truly ourselves in our relationships, therefore they will tend to be not as deep and fullfilling.

Image by Baptista Ime James

If we do not believe in ourselves and if our inner critic is too strong, we won't be resilient enough to face and overcome the challenges in work or our daily life.

Our beliefs drive our decisions and actions; as a consequence they shape the results that we create in our lives.

If you are ready to increase your happiness, it's time for the Buddha lab.

What is the Buddha lab?

Buddha lab is the journey to your happiest self. I am honored to be your guide!

In this journey we do a reconstruction. We let go of the beliefs that hold us back and we substitute them with new helpful beliefs, that represent a solid foundation for your long-term happiness.

Beliefs, whether we want it or not, shape our behavior and therefore our external reality.

Image by Matt Howard

How is it structured?

Every week we are going to have a one to one tapping session with a specific topic (read the details below).

Before each tapping session you will enjoy a preparatory reading with some questions.

After each session you will continue to tap on yourself with a script and to do some exercises that will challenge you to take action on your new beliefs.

The modules

The tapping session is going to be 1h long and the reading, tapping and exercise will take you about 20 minutes a day.

With just about 30 minutes a day, you can step into your personal superhero.

Week 1: Happiness as a choice​

Here we tackle the obstacles to happiness and install new helpful beliefs about happiness.

Happiness is a choice and commitment and requires courage.

Paint Swatches

Week 2: Unconditional self-love

In the industrial era productivity = worth. This paradygm keeps us focused on achievement and jeopardizes our work-life balance.


How can we relax and just be ourselves if we always have to prove ourselves?

Here we learn to cultivate unconditional self-worth.

Gyan Mudra

Week 3: Reframing mistakes

School encourages perfectionism and blames mistakes. No wonder that we end up being paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes.


This week we forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, reframe them and step into our most confident self.

Image by Yasin Yusuf

Week 4: Trusting people and the world​

Our natural tendency to focus on the negative makes us see the world as a scary place.


Being afraid of people and the world increases our stress level.

In this week, we learn how to forgive people and how to trust the world.

Love the World

Week 5: Embracing vulnerability

Vulnerability is a fundamental factor to create true connection in our relationships and to be creative.


This week we learn how to embrace vulnerability, so that you can create the life that you desire.

Week 6: How to deal with negative emotions
During this journey we have built the foundations for a happy  life, but what if negative emotions threaten to bring us on a path of misery?
This week we learn how to deal with them, so that they become your allies.
Image by Tengyart
Happy Couple

Are you loving this program and cannot wait to be as happy as a Buddha?

Contact me!


Let's talk about the value!

What is the value of:

Image by Andreas Weiland

Making your dreams come true?

Laughing Friends

You feeling that you are living to your highest potential?

Image by Helena Lopes

Your relationships being more fulfilling?

Think about it for a minute before moving on.

Consider this for a while before reading on.

And now let's talk about cost!

What is the cost of you:

Image by arash payam

Holding on to old and counterproductive beliefs?

Sad Portrait

Not accepting yourself fully?

Image by Tim Mossholder

Holding yourself back for fear of rejection?

Consider this for a while before reading on.

Considering all these costs of not acting and all the invaluable benefits from the journey, you will be happy to know that the investment for the Buddha lab is currently only:

4800 SEK

ca. 580 $


If you pay in one installment

5600 SEK
ca. 680 $ 

If you pay in two installments of 2800 SEK each

What is included in the price?

  • 6 one-one tapping sessions with me

  • 7 workbooks

  • 6 tapping scripts


6 week Laughter Yoga online course (when it is ready)

Estimated date: 12 July 2021

A path to rediscover your authentic laughter and learning to generate positive emotions on demand.


This is the current price and the price could increase at any time.

Module 1: Happiness as a choice

Module 2: Unconditional self-love

Module 3: Reframing mistakes

Module 4: Trusting people and the world

Module 5: Embracing vulnerability

Module 6: How to deal with negative emotions

What is it like to tap with me?

Image by Randy ORourke

"Before the tapping, I was doubtful about the usefulness of the technique, but tapping truly helped me. Working with Valentina helped me clarify my doubts and put my finger on the real issue. Tackling the problem with tapping felt simple and structured. I would recommend tapping with Valentina to a friend who needs to cope with a problem in a constructive manner."


Peaceful Candle and Flowers

"Thanks to the tapping session with Valentina, I could accept myself and my current situation more. After the session I felt relaxed, happier and determined to schedule walks and exercise, which I had been resisting. Valentina's guidance helped me see things differently, so I would recommend it to a friend"

Katja, nurse

Image by Jeremy Bishop

"Even though tapping sounded quite mysterious, I decided to approach it with an open mind.  After the session, I felt re-invigorated and I could take on anything. I don't mind anymore about the negative emotion we tapped on. My head felt clearer and I felt good. I would recommend tapping to a friend and ask them to approach it with an open mind."

Mark Hooley, Founder at CollabMaker

Yoga at Home

"Before the tapping, I was a bit hesitant about opening myself up to this; sometimes discussing negative feelings can be emotionally overwhelming.


After tapping with Valentina I felt a lot more positive and gave me a good roadmap and things that I can work on to feel better.


Tapping is not only about getting rid of the negative emotions, but also embracing them as part of being human, so I highly recommend the tapping sessions to a friend."

Philip Townsend, Mathematician

Flower Selection

"I felt amazing, more free and peaceful after tapping with Valentina. Working with her gifted me with an expansion of perspective, beliefs and awareness. Letting go of the negative emotions through the tapping made me feel more aware about my power over my thoughts, actions and choices. I would recommend working with Valentina to a friend because it helped me to shift my perspective and resolve my limiting beliefs. Valentina accompanied me in the journey within in a loving and caring way, I felt supported and accepted all along."

Anni, performance artist

Rock Balancing

"Before the tapping session with Valentina, I was a bit concerned about being transparent with negative emotions, but I decided to try it out.


During the session, I first felt lots of emotion bubbling up, but at the end of the session I felt more balanced and clear, energized, happier and lighter.


Tapping is a good way to boost your energy, so I would recommend it to a friend."


Energy Efficiency Consultation

"Even though I was a bit unsure about what would happen in the tapping session and it felt a bit out of my control, I decided to give it a try.


After the session with Valentina I felt great, filled with lots of energy. Tapping is a great way to reflect, listen to myself and get new insights. I could relate to a problem in a different way and let the negative emotions related to it go.


Tapping with Valentina helped me expressed my feelings and I would recommend it to a friend."


Happy Woman

Are you excited about the Buddha lab and want to join?

Contact me!


Who is this journey for?

Image by Micah Tindell

This journey is for you, if you think that it is time to step into your best self and to let go of what is holding you back.

Who can embark in this journey?

  • Anyone who wants to be happier

  • A sensitive and shy person

  • A creative

  • A stressed person

  • A researcher

After you finish the Buddha lab you'll feel at your happiest and you will move confidently towards the life of your dreams.

Image by OSPAN ALI

I hear you: yes, Valentina. I do want to feel happier and create the life of my dreams, but how can I be sure that this journey is going to work for me?

The feedback above is about results attained in one single session. Think about how much more powerful a structured journey with homework and reading material can be for you.


It might feel scary to invest 4800 sek in you and to embark on this journey with me; this is how it is supposed to feel. In this journey you are going to revolutionize your beliefs and step into your best self. It feels scary, that's why I am there for you.

If you have enjoyed tapping, why not trusting yourself and believe that: yes, I can be happier and this journey is exactly what I need.




Do you have payment plans?

Yes, you can decide whether to send me 4800 SEK in a single transfer or 5600 SEK in two different transfers of 2800 SEK each, one before the start of the journey and one by one month from the first session (you will be able to schedule the next session after transferring the second amount).



How do I pay?

Once you have decided to embark on this journey, I am going to send you an invoice. When you send me a screenshot of the successful payment, I will send you a link to schedule our first session together with the first reading material for the session.



Shall the session happen on a weekly basis? Shall the session always happen on the same day and at the same time?

The ideal timing of the sessions is on a weekly basis, so that we keep the momentum going. If you feel that this frequency is not right for you, we can talk more about this in a private message.



How are you going to take care of my privacy?

I am not going to share your personal information with anyone else. I am taking notes during the session and I save them in my computer, by renaming you, so that your personal information won't reach anyone else, even in an unlikely case of a Internet security breach.



Why is this program 6 weeks long?

Research shows that it takes about 40 days to build a new habit. With this program you are building a habit of happiness, being your own friend and staying true to yourself. I want to assist you through this habit-building process and then let you fly when your wings are in place.



Are the benefits of tapping scientifically proven? How does it work?

Yes, the benefits of tapping are scientifically proven. There are hundreds of scientific articles about the benefits of tapping, which are very well summarized in the book "the science behind tapping" by Peta Stapleton, Australian Psychologist and University Professor.


Tapping can be thought as a "psychological acupuncture".We tap on the acupuncture points while talking about a negative emotion. The tapping re-equilibrates our energy and relaxes us, therefore we are open to confronting the negative emotions, letting them go and start seeing the negative emotion from a different point of view.

With tapping we can change deeply ingrained beliefs.



How is this program structured?

I will guide you through a 6 week journey. Before each session you will enjoy reading some material and after each session you will also continue to tap on yourself and do some exercises. In this course we are not only going to work on your beliefs, but we are also taking action in real life, so that your new beliefs can solidify.

Happy Portrait

Are you giving yourself permission to step into your happiest self?

Contact me!

Thank you for staying with me!

If you have questions, you're welcome to pm me 

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