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Working from Home

Do you want to increase well-being in your team or your company?

I am here for you and for the employees in your company.

Ferris Wheel

With Laughter Yoga you can

Engage your employees in science-supported stress reducing techniques

Skyrocket the emotional balance of your employees

Increase engagement of teams

I have already laughed with:

Working from home is tough. 

In an ideal world, employees would always be on the top of their games. In the COVID reality, employees performance is affected by emotional states.

Long-distance work is decreasing the psychological and emotional well-being of your employees and with them their efficiency.


  • The physical distance disconnects from each other and from the team and the work-place as a group identity

  • managers showing interest to their team members is not enough to keep them engaged

  • employees have major personal problems at home and they might not be able to distance themselves from them while at work

What to expect from a

Laughter Yoga session?

45 minutes of fun!

Ring of Light Bulbs


We talk briefly about what Laughter Yoga is and why we laugh


Laughter exercises

It is time to laugh and create a mix of feel-good hormones in our body!

Image by Deniz Altindas

Guided relaxation

Few minutes to ground ourselves before moving on to our next activity.

One dark winter morning, Valentina came to our Leadership Team Meeting.
She engaged the team in the clapping, laughing and feel good  exercises. The response was overwhelming! We all felt special, connected, energized and fully present to move with our meeting agenda.

Sergey Tiourine, Product Owner at Boeing

Laughter Yoga.PNG

Ready to increase the well-being of your employees?

Your colleagues are craving more connection and well-being and Laughter Yoga can help with that.

Contact me to discover which of my solutions is perfect for you!

I cannot wait to hear from you.


I always feel happy after the Laughter Yoga sessions with Valentina


Laughter Yoga with Valentina has made me more confident and more comfortable in expressing myself


It was so much fun and so liberating to do Laughter Yoga with Valentina

Not yet sure whether Laughter Yoga is something for you and your company?

Join my free Laughter Yoga Club, every Wednesday at 18 (CET).

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