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Welcome to my blog!


I am Valentina Fermanelli, PhD, Laughter Yoga teacher and tapping practitioner.

Warmly welcome to this blog.

For more than 6 years I have been living in this wonderful Scandinavian country: Sweden, where summers are magic, people are very kind and calm and where there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to develop. I love this country.

I want to give something back to Sweden now and I want to teach people how to be happier with Laughter Yoga!

In this blog I will write articles that will help you to be happier.

I am committed to make it as easy as it can for you to choose happiness and be happy.

The main language of this blog and the content I will be producing is going to be Swedish. I will keep create the content in English as well, but I really need to prioritize Swedish. Laughter Yoga is not so spread here and I believe that I can make this movement even bigger in Sweden.

So I hope that you forgive me for prioritizing Swedish. The posts in English will be there in any case.

If you have a special topic related to happiness that you would like me to write about, do not hesitate to send me an email:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay happy and safe,



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