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Valentina Fermanelli is a Laughter Yoga teacher and tapping practitioner. Both techniques helps you to be happier.

Hey! I'm Valentina, PhD.

You have come to the right place to take your happiness to the next level!

Happiness, joy and positive emotions feel magical when we experience them, but we do not need magic to create them.

They can be created with scientifically proven methods.


I am so happy to guide you along your journey to your happiest self!

I believe that...

Life is tough...

The person we love may not love us back, our job is not as exciting and stimulating as we would like, our children drive us crazy and COVID distances us from our friends, who could give back our truth.

...but you are

strong! :-)

You can choose to steer your emotions towards more positive emotions and become happier. Is it easy and convenient? No, it may be outside your comfort zone to do so and it requires courage and effort.

You will see! You are strong! :-)

Laughter Yoga and tapping make you feel happier

How to become happier?


We can decide to take more control over our emotions and experience more of the positive emotions. If we do not actively steer in the direction we want, we will be slaves to external circumstances. Yes, we may feel very happy when we get a raise, but how long will that satisfaction be?


Taking control of our emotions requires courage. It is far too easy to let external circumstances rule. It takes courage to go outside our comfort zone and feel temporarily uncomfortable if we want to experience more happiness and positive emotions.


Laughter Yoga creates the chemistry of joy in our body! We feel better as soon as we start laughing. You will see a big transformation in your life if you make laughter a part of your everyday life.

My story

People describe me as happy, energetic and caring. But I've not always been like this.

The struggle

November 2016: my second winter in Sweden as a doctoral student. I loved Sweden, the wonderful opportunities I got here, the very nice people I could meet every day at work. But something was missing. Life seemed heavy: like a list of tasks to do! And the Swedish winter with its short, gray-painted days did not lift my spirits. I was looking for another way to live my life.

Dark Clouds
Do you want to be happier? Then Laughter Yoga can be the right practice for you.

The turning point

So I decided to do something different. I applied for a Laughter Yoga Leader Training course in Italy. That weekend was life changing! The energy level the two days was amazing! But the best part was that I was able to meet other like-minded people: people who, despite life struggles, decided to choose Joy. Laughter Yoga helped me become happier, more energetic and caring.

Jul 2020

After completing my doctorate in applied mathematics and mathematical statistics at Chalmers University of Technology in June 2020, I began to live my passion - to spread more laughter and joy in Sweden! I look forward to you becoming part of a fantastic community of people who choose joy and well-being despite the struggle of life!

Laughter Yoga helps you to feel lighter and happier

Change your life with Laughter Yoga too! In the contact form below you write: "I want to laugh more"

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