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Have you ever felt trapped in a hamster wheel...

...feeling that you always need to do more, before you can be happy and believe that you are enough?

In that case, keep reading!

I am Valentina Fermanelli, PhD and I am here to help you love yourself NOW.

Remote work is threatening the sense of belonging in the team

Right now more than ever the lack of face to face interactions jeopardizes team performance.

The missing key is psychological safety, the common factor among the highest achieving teams (1)

Shopping Spree

Imagine instead if you could embrace yourself with kindness in any case? If you could appreciate the wonderful human being you are, no matter what?

No more depending on your achievements to feel good about yourself.

All of this can happen with Tap & Let go - your journey to self-love.

Confident Look

Social connector

Public Speaker

Laughter exercises

Writing a Diary

Guided relaxation

Laughter Yoga and Emotional Freedom Techniques (or tapping) are a time-effective way to increase well-being and psychological safety in a team.

Research shows that laughing together increases the perception of similarities among individuals and therefore makes people feel closer (5).

Researcher Sophie Scott from UCL (University College of London) says that laughing makes us feel psychologically relaxed and safe (6).

Laughter decreases the level of the stress hormone (7). and increases serotonin (8). and endorphines (9).

Laugh & Bond - Team United

14 weeks to a new you

Imagine what your life could look like some months from now.

You have 4 calls with 4 potential clients today and you have absolute confidence in your ability to turn them into clients.

You have grown a successful business, money is flowing in easily and you are constantly working in your zone of genius, delivering mind-blowing results to your clients.

Close your eyes and picture this.

This can become true for you, but now you are feeling overwhelmed.

I can help you overcome that with Boom Baby! - 14 weeks to a new you.

Let's see how.

Letting go of limiting beliefs

6 1:1 sessions


Beliefs like "I am not good enough" are undermining your ability to get clients


How will this lead to more clients?

  • Pitch with confidence

  • Fearlessly showing up in social media


Elevate your energy

4 group sessions


You cannot create a new reality if you keep living in survival mode


How will this lead to more clients?

  • connect with clients genuinely (instead of having a desperate energy

  • write with fun and ease


Mental fitness

6 weeks via app


Negative patterns will keep showing up. Through mental fitness, you'll recognize your patterns and let them go.

How will this lead to more clients?

  • Take action with flow (instead of procrastinating)

  • pitching with confidence (instead of desperation)

Mind Relaxation

Meet Dr. Valentina, 
Creator of Boom Baby! - 14 weeks to a new you!


My name is Valentina Fermanelli and I am the creator of Boom Baby!


I am on a mission to make women overcome the unconscious blocks to success, so that they can generate millions of dollars in revenue, change the world with their expertise and live a life beyond their wildest dreams.


What is it like to work with me?


Robyn MacMillan

Marketing expert


Lauretta Zucchetti

Sales coach

“Often I felt like I could always do more and be more perfect. I realised by working with Valentina that this actually stopped me from moving forward as I was so rooted in fear of not being good enough. It was amazing experience to finally let this go!”

"Valentina helped me recognize where my energetic blocks were and taught me how to release them through tapping and visualization. I felt much lighter and rejuvenated after the session "


Cornelia Schmidt,


"I just came out of a first session in Tapping with Valentina and wow. I am flying, she literally put wings on my head. Everything feels possible now."


Kimberly Graham

Personal Financial Coach

"How freeing to walk into my week feeling like I can conquer the world AND having the strategies of what to do when those thoughts creep in again. "

Are you ready to increase the revenue in your business?

Let's talk about your needs and how I can help you

overcome what is blocking you from reaching the next level of success.

Book a call and we’ll talk about what the program can look like for you.

The 12% discount is ending soon!

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