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Smiling Friends
“We do not laugh because we are happy,
we are happy because we laugh ”

William James

American philosopher and psychologist

About Laughter Yoga

Happiness on demand!

Why laughter?​

Scientific research shows that laughter:

- increases the endorphin and serotonin levels

- lower down our cortisol (stress hormone) level.

This feel-good chemistry takes some minutes to kick in.

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Laughter by choice

Since Laughter is so good for our emotional well-being, we shouldn't leave it to randomness.

We can decide to laugh on purpose and Laughter Yoga offers a solution, that does not rely on sense of humor or jokes.

Image by Alexander Schimmeck

Laughter Yoga

In Laughter Yoga, we do laughter-stimulating exercises.

Laughter is at first stimulated, but by seeing and hearing each other laughing, laughter becomes more and more real.

Our chemistry starts to change and we feel happier.

Couple Laughing at the Beach
Some facts about
Laughter yoga
Image by Mike Benna

Small origin

Laughter yoga was created by a doctor, Madan Kataria.

He started using laughter-stimulating exercises in a park in Mumbai, India in March 1995. Only 5 people participated in this first session.

Laughing Friends

Laughter Yoga Club

People meet and practice Laughter Yoga in Laughter Yoga clubs.

The Laughter Yoga Club is a non-judgmental and welcoming environment when you can feel free to laugh and be yourself.

World Peace

Great growth

Laughter Yoga is now practiced in more than 110 countries in the world.

One can do it in schools, universities, prisons, companies and more.


I always feel happy after the Laughter Yoga sessions with Valentina


Laughter Yoga with Valentina has made me more confident and more comfortable to express myself


It was so much fun and so liberating to do Laughter Yoga with Valentina

Do you want to try Laughter Yoga?

Join my Joy Superheroes Laughter Yoga Club

Why Joy


It takes courage to be happy when life is challenging. The participants in my Laughter Yoga Club are therefore Joy Superheroes.

When we laugh in the Laughter Yoga Club, we feel happier.

When we feel better, we can be better people because we can be more present and compassionate with others.

Kids with Capes
Laughing Friends

When do we meet?

Joy Superheroes meets every Wednesday at 6 pm at Zoom.

I would love to see you joining!

If you want to join, copy and paste "I want to laugh more" in the contact form.

Laughter Yoga creates the joy chemistry

Download the guide: 5 Steps to Happiness in Corona time (in English).


Click on the image to get the guide and inspiration from me on how you can increase your happiness.

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