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Similing Team

Do you feel like there is room for improvement in your team's performance?

Specifically after working remote for over a year, does the distance within the team feel bigger than it has ever been?


In that case, keep reading!

I am Valentina Fermanelli, PhD and I am here to help your team feel more connected.

Remote work is threatening the sense of belonging in the team

Right now more than ever the lack of face to face interactions jeopardizes team performance.

The missing key is psychological safety, the common factor among the highest achieving teams (1).

Psychological safety is defined by re:Work and Google as a state where team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of others (1).

What research says



of people

Have considered leaving their employers (2)


of people

Report worsening of mental health after Corona (4)

House Sketch


of managers

Do not feel confident in leading a remote team (3)

Sad Girl


of people

Report feeling more isolated due to Corona (4)

What does that mean for YOUR team?

  • creativity and innovation within the team are threatened due to heightened feeling of isolation

  • mental health is affected so productivity is reduced and people are at increased risk of burn-out

We need to change something.

The time to think about how to counteract those effects is NOW.

Emotional well-being and psychological safety have to become a priority.

What if your team members could engage in a practice that increases their well-being and makes them feel closer?

What if your employees could learn an easy technique to cope with negative emotions and therefore be more vulnerable?

This would dramatically increase psychological safety!

Team Cheering

Social connector

Fists in Solidarity


Image by Deniz Altindas

Increases well-being

Laughter Yoga and Emotional Freedom Techniques (or tapping) are a time-effective way to increase well-being and psychological safety in a team.

Research shows that laughing together increases the perception of similarities among individuals and therefore makes people feel closer (5).

Researcher Sophie Scott from UCL (University College of London) says that laughing makes us feel psychologically relaxed and safe (6).

Laughter decreases the level of the stress hormone (7). and increases serotonin (8). and endorphines (9).

In-Hand Camera

Higher focus

Research shows that tapping reduces anxiety (10) and stress (10), so we can focus more on the tasks at hand, without feeling overwhelmed.


More open

Fear of being judged is a negative emotion. Tapping reduces emotional distress (11).

After letting the fear go with tapping, we learn how to not hold ourselves back.

Being stuck in negative emotions blocks your team members from bringing their whole self at work.

With Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) not anymore.



of team members

Report feeling closer to each other after my program

Thanks to the program with Valentina, I feel we broke a barrier to reach a more personal and private facade of everyone in the team. I'd say I see better the person behind the colleague now

Participant to Laugh & Bond

Laugh & Bond - Team United

Psychological safety with laughter and tapping

You and your team need to be high-performing even during COVID.

Let me help you with my 6 week team program “Laugh & Bond” that was specifically designed for teams like yours.

With "Laugh & Bond" we are going to create an atmosphere of psychological safety and trust in the team so that communication, innovation and collaboration happens smoothly and everyone brings 100% of them to work.

My services

Laughter Yoga sessions

60 min​



For the team to feel more connected and psychologically safe



  • information about benefits of Laughter

  • laughter exercises

  • guided relaxation

Laughing Yoga


30 minutes

for 5 weeks


For the team members to build more resilience and emotional intelligence



  • video with introduction to a topic and guided tapping

  • tapping script



via chat


For the team members to be reminded of the importance of these practices



  • weekly check-in

  • sharing the wins in life/work

Staff Meeting

Meet Valentina
PhD, Creator of Laugh & Bond - Team United


My name is Valentina Fermanelli and I am the creator of Laugh & Bond - Team United.


I am on a mission to create the most prosperous environment for teams to thrive by increasing their psychological safety and their emotional well-being. In that way the employees can only focus on their work and they do not waste time stuck with negative emotions.


Are you ready to increase your team performance?

Let's talk about your needs and how I can help you

and your team by increasing psychological safety.

Book a call and we’ll talk about what the program can look like for you.

One dark winter morning, Valentina came to our Leadership Team Meeting.

She engaged the team in the clapping, laughing and feel good  exercises. The response was overwhelming! We all felt special, connected, energized and fully present to move with our meeting agenda.

Sergey Tiourine, Product Owner at Boeing


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