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Cookie policy


Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in the browser. They are usually used to keep track of the settings that users have chosen and the actions they have taken on a website.

This website also uses visitor analysis, a tool to track the website's visitor behavior without using cookies. Read more about Visitor Analytics below . Note that information collected from Visitor Analytics is pseudonymized.

Wix uses cookies for important reasons, for example:

  • To provide a fantastic experience for your visitors and customers.

  • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and efficiency of the Wix platform.

  • To ensure that our platform is safe and secure to use.

Types of cookies


The following cookies are collected by us:


To find out more about cookies, we suggest that you visit these websites:



How can I disable cookies?

Most websites are configured to accept cookies, but they also allow you to disable them through their settings.


Disabling cookies can in some cases cause the website not to work.


The user can in any case deactivate the cookies through an appropriate setting in the browser:


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox


Apple mobile devices


Visitor Analytics


Visitor Analytics is a simple website analysis service that measures the traffic on our website and the general information of website visitors. We collect statistics such as which pages visitors visit and when, where they are approximately, where they first land or if they come from a specific reference, to make our visitors' experience better.


As a website operator using Visitor Analytics, we process information about our visitors' device type and screen size / resolution, approximate location, browser, operating system, IP addresses, page visits, bounce rate, conversions, conversion funnels, average sessions per visitor, average pages per session, average session time , time on the site and preferably visited content on the site. All of this information is pseudonymous and Visitor Analytics does not use the information collected to identify individual users or to match data with additional information about an individual user.

Visitor Analytics does not use cookies to collect this information. Instead, we use the so-called fingerprint technology that does not require you to place any cookies, files or technology on your device. Fingerprints depend on the technical attributes of the device and combine them to identify your device as a unique device and enable reliable analysis.


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